The Boatcrash Chronicles is a wildly fictionalized biographical webcomic based on the life and times of the niche internet personality known as Shipwreck, the co-host of the CAGcast video game podcast. His co-hosts, Cheapy & Wombat, are also a big part of the comic. Their (vague) likenesses are used by permission, but the CAGcast crew and website are not directly involved with the comic and bear no responsiblity for the content.

For those of you interested in a trio of unique personalities talking (mostly) about video games, be sure to check out the CAGcast. You can find a link to the latest show on the home page of Please note that they indulge in mature-language conversations, and it's probably not a good idea to listen while eating.

For more information regarding the backstory of the comic's creation, go here. Just be prepared to read a few thousands words (I'm rambly!). 


Here's some old extras I made around 2010 - 2011.

When I was posting this comic regularly at, I would also draw a quickly sketched mini-comic whenever Shipwreck would post a video game review. Most of the time, I knew enough about the game, as I had played most of them... but occasionally I was just making up random stuff. These mini-comics were made on extremely short notice. The main comic is purposely made at a fast pace, and yet these mini-comics make them look like they had Kubrick-length production times.



During the first year I was making the comics, I figured it was best to try to suck up to the "boss" and draw a quick comic for his birthday. Cheapy has no direct involvement in the comic (and sure as hell never paid me anything to do them), but he is owner of, where the comic was being hosted. As the comic went on, I tended to draw comic-Cheapy in more & more ludicrous outfits. I guess I'm not very good at sucking up to authority figures.


I occasionally reuse some comic panels to make outtakes, but this is the only one I can find on my computer:


I also made an Award Show Presentation back in 2011 (for 2010's video games).

It's intentionally really really long, so it gets its own page: here.