Comic 5 - CoachBox 64
CoachBox 64
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Author Notes:
scoopmoose edit delete
This is a quintessential Boatcrash strip. It shows how he brings video games into areas of his life that have no real relation to such things. Plus, it's odd enough that if you have no idea what he's talking about, it's even funnier.
The girls on his team do hold a distinction in this strip, by having actual color in their hair. Non-main characters rarely appear in anything but grayscale. I guess I was just looking for more opportunity to add splashed of color back then. And yet I forgot to add green to Boatcrash's shirt.
On a side note, you don't see too many girls being named "Broomhilda" these days, and that's a shame.
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Johnny Tenspeed (Guest) edit delete reply
Which one gets to be Trevor McFur?
scoopmoose edit delete reply
That's too much cultural overload for middle school athletics.
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