Comic 285 - How Is Boatcrash In Bed?
How Is Boatcrash In Bed?
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Author Notes:
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Whoops. 3-day weekends totally throw off my schedule. I sat down this evening to make what I thought was going to be tomorrow's comic, but finally realized today was actually Tuesday. So I had to fall back to a comic I had sitting around...
I drew this a couple weeks ago, but I could decide on the dialog. It was made in a way that BC could have literally said anything, and the more nonsensical the better.
I nearly went with "OMG! I just realized that the secret to life is... oh, wait, we're not in Malta. Nevermind."
Lady Boatcrash also could have been dreaming about anything. "Needs more cheese, I can still see asphalt" was definitely a contender.
In the end, I went against my usual plan and decided on brevity. Next week: back to long-winded video game jokes!
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