Comic 28 - Boatcrash's Daily Routine
Boatcrash's Daily Routine
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Author Notes:
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When I initially drew this strip, I conceived it without the narration, just having a timestamp above each panel. It was going to be a lot smaller of a strip. But my initial idea for the end of the strip was showing Lady Boatcrash getting home from work long after Boatcrash had gone to bed, and she passes out in the bedroom doorway. Boatcrash would then carry her to bed after he trips over her on his way to the bathroom. I couldn't figure out how to express all that in a single silent panel. So instead, I decided to have Boatcrash explain each step of his day. And when I got to the end, it just felt wrong. The polar opposite work schedules worked, but I needed to show the Boatcrashes having plenty of quality time together. So, I changed it and also decided on a whim to make Lady Boatcrash into a were-kinkajou. It all worked out like it was meant to be!
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