Comic 268 - Playing It Cool
Playing It Cool
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scoopmoose edit delete
I never heard of Jason Isbell before I started making the Boatcrash Chronicles, but since then I've had to revise my blanket statement of "I don't like country music" to make a big exception. He has a great sense of melancholy to his lyrics and his vocals perfectly drive it home.

I've not actually been to one of his concerts, but I'm fairly certain that sequined jumpsuits are standard issue these days.

scoopmoose edit delete
It's awesome to see so many devoted Jason Isbell fans stopping by to check out a cartoon representation of his arm!
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hrwilliams edit delete reply
Awwww. :)
Stephen Houk (Guest) edit delete reply
Jason doesn't do country music. He does music, at a very high level.
jay (Guest) edit delete reply
and he doesn't rock the ELVIS jumpsuit
scoopmoose edit delete reply
It's never too late for him to start!
Amanda (Guest) edit delete reply
.....and he will ROCK your face off in concert!
scoopmoose edit delete reply
If he ever plays a show in Kansas, I'll be sure to bring a face-catching bucket.
John (Guest) edit delete reply
He also recorded the best album of 2013,in my humble opinion.
Dan (Guest) edit delete reply
Could not agree more. Easily the best album of 2013.
scoopmoose edit delete reply
One of only... three(?) new release cds I bought last year. And his was definitely the best.
Rob (Guest) edit delete reply
You need to check out the Drive by Truckers catalog. With and without Isbell.
Barbara (Guest) edit delete reply
I agree with Stephen Houk, Jay, Amanda, and especially John. Except for me his album 'Southeastern' is the best album to be released in a decade or so. And I'm not using words loosely. After much thought and many music listening binges, I truly feel this way.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
he would prolly throw your ass out lol
scoopmoose edit delete reply
Now that would be some real fan interaction!
guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Just don't call what he's wearing an outfit.
re: outfit (Guest) edit delete reply
Well played, sir.
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