Comic 264 - Wombat Vs. Snow
Wombat Vs. Snow
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Author Notes:
scoopmoose edit delete
Let me go ahead and preemptively answer some questions that may arise from viewing this comic...

"Boatcrash seems quite self-occupied in the face of Wombat's misfortune. Don't you this comic is presenting him too negatively?"
Actually, I think I really nailed their relationship.

"Is Wombat's chest hair genetically Bat-signal shaped, or is that an expensive styling job?"
I believe it's a natural formation, but he probably uses dye to touch up grey hairs.

"Why is Lady Boatcrash trying to cop a feel on Wombat? And does she really think nobody can see her if she covers her eyes?"
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Ohyeah (Guest) edit delete reply

The chest hair looks more like a xb1 controller to me. Also this explains why wombat has a full beard now.
I really like this comics, please keep posting. :)
scoopmoose edit delete reply
I actually think it's a simple fur bikini, but HE claims the batman reference.
ILikePopCans (Guest) edit delete reply
Wait, is Wombat now in Ohio?
scoopmoose edit delete reply
He started in New York, but the only thing he could see through the snowstorm was Boatcrash's red hair, shining like a beacon, leading him to Ohio. Considering he was walking naked, I think he made pretty good time.
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