Comic 252 - Snack Issues
Snack Issues
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Author Notes:
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I made this strip as a simple explanation for anytime both the Boatcrashes are shown without their baby present. I didn't want to have to adjust the angle of the panel to show the baby in the background, or use a throwaway line to explain the baby's sleeping or with her grandparents or whatever each time. Sure, it's a rather unnecessary move, but it gave me a reason to show the cast at a staff meeting.
Initially, I drew Boatcrash here bald with a beard, indicating that he relies heavily on the hair & makeup department to get him into comic strip mode. I changed my mind because it looked like Ron Howard was emceeing the staff meeting, and while that in itself has a nice level of absurdity, I thought it was too distracting. I also nixed the idea of everyone having wildly overgrown facial hair (has anyone seen the video commentaries for Psych? Crazy Beard Central).
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