Comic 20 - Post Panel Tailgating
Post Panel Tailgating
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Author Notes:
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So, I ended my storyline early... and then I kept going with this additional strip. Did I really feel that people would be upset if I didn't explain how Boatcrash got away from the Goon Squad? Who knows. A little resolution after the sudden climax. It is what it is.
Lady Boatcrash is looking a little sloshed. Little did I know at the time that I'd make that a recurring
I'm basically guessing on the "release dates" of these old comics now. At this point in the series, I started posting comics in batches a lot of the time. There was various reasons for this... Since I missed my self-imposed deadline, I might as well finish the two or three I've sketched and post them all at once. Or I'm disappointed in how a strip came out, and I hope I can sorta bury it in a pile of others and maybe the quality of the bunch might average out nicely.
As I choose dates to post these in my new archive, I'm being mostly random... trying to spread them out somewhat evenly. The only ones I'm really concerned about are those that take place on specific dates: such as during holidays or conventions. This may mean I could be backdating a comic based on something said in a podcast before the podcast was actually recorded! But you'd have to be an incredibly detail-oriented CAG historian to realize when that happens.
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