Comic 18 - Deus Ex Goon Squad
Deus Ex Goon Squad
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Author Notes:
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This is how I end a storyline that isn't working out: Bring in the goon squad. Always works! Although, having them get his name correct was definitely an oversight.
Most of the feedback I received when I originally posted these early strips (apart from being crazy oversized) was about the bizarre coloring choices I made.
"Why is everyone covered in plaster?"
Basically, my initial coloring attempt was an exaggerated color shadows system. I would put color in areas that would normally have shadows, and grey everywhere else. Then I would start drawing shapes and make it more interesting. And I often rushed through it and grew lazier with it as time went on. I do miss coloring in this style. The current minimal, flat, solid coloring is less distracting though.
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