Comic 15 - Undercover Sugar Momma
Undercover Sugar Momma
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Author Notes:
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One of the biggest problems with a wordy strip is balloon placement. Just trying to get the correct words connected to the right character in a small space is tricky. Trying to have things visible in the background is even more problematic. Colored word balloons never really work well, even if they're just grayscale, but that didn't stop me from trying. I try to pretend that the harder the audience has to work to understand the comic, the better the payoff! Yeah, right.
As I mentioned on the previous comic, this was the first strip that I posted at a smaller size. I was now hosting the comic image on CAG's own gallery service, which had the great benefit of automatically encoding it as an expanding thumbnail. It made for much cleaner blogs, and I didn't hear any more complaints about the size. The drawback, however, was the size limitation CAG imposed on all gallery images. It had to be smaller than 700p x 700p, and even worse: under 97kb. The width of comics went from nearly 1400 pixels wide (!) down to 700... a good change, actually. The file sizes would hover around 100kb, so some got a bit compressed to make the cut off. And height didn't factor much, as even special over-sized strips were way over the max file size and had to be cut into multiple images anyway.
And all of this really doesn't matter unless you're writing a book about this comic, because I went back and adjusted the comics to be more consistent when I posted them in this new archive. Thanks for reading this anyhoo!
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