Comic 14 - Joy to the Wife
Joy to the Wife
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Author Notes:
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And back to the "storyline". I wrote this series of strips because Shipwreck had missed several weeks of podcasts so I had no new material to draw inspiration from. I was drawing the strip to relieve stress from work, so I just really needed to draw stuff. As soon as I made and posted the first one, I realized the departure from random wackiness was too big of a change and that it wouldn't hold the reader's interest if I only posted this storyline for three weeks in a row. So, I mostly alternated with CAGcast-influenced material and the strips. I even ended the storyline abruptly, as I had a lot more Q & A planned with the characters.
This is also the last "oversized" comic. I initially uploaded the comic on an image-hosting site and just embedded it on my CAG blog. This annoyed a lot of people because it was wider than the default width of the RSS-type layout of the main blog lobby. It took me more than a dozen strips to bow to the pressure of making a change, starting with strip #15.
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