Comic 113 - E3 2011 Keeping the Homestayers Informed
E3 2011 Keeping the Homestayers Informed
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Author Notes:
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A rare look at the home life of one of the supporting cast. The Boatcrashes are the stars of the comic, so visiting the homes of Cheapy or Wombat are a bit out of place, unless BC or Lady B are somehow involved.
Once again, a child of the cast appears... sort of. Part of not drawing a fully realized appearance is because they are fully private citizens and haven't chosen a public role, as opposed to the cast which put themselves out there as podcast hosts. But mostly it's because I don't want to design an adorable child character that's going to quickly grow up and I'd have to keep changing their design. Sounds lazy, but I grow attached to most of my character designs and don't want to have to abandon them.
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